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Backup Critic: a vendor-neutral website devoted to backing up Windows computers. Whether you're a first-time Windows user and wondering what it means to back up data, or a long-time Windows user looking to improve your backup regimen or learn about software products for automated backups, you can find useful information here.

$15; 10-pack DVD+RVerbatim 2.4x Dual-Layer (8.5GB)

How can there be much to say about backing up data? Well, just consider all the backup media possibilities, for one thing:

CD-R/CD-RWLS-120network drive
DVDZip driveUSB/Firewire drive
floppymagneto-opticalUSB disk-on-key
LightScribetaperemovable HDD

And then there's all the ways backups go wrong. So, one day, you lose some critical file, go to your archived backup copy, and discover it's not there, or can't be restored. You can get some ideas here about how to avoid that fate.

Sure, backing up data is simple in principle, but we're always finding new facets to it, and looking for new solutions to make it simpler and safer. Think you already know absolutely everything about backups? Did you remember to backup your computer's CMOS data? Ooops! Or maybe you have a backup program that saves all your documents and images, but doesn't back up the registry. Or maybe your backup software only remembers the most recent version of your data, and it turns out you need to restore a file to what it was two versions ago. Or maybe you're into gadgets and have suddenly realized that you need a smartphone backup utility.

Our How to Backup guide will introduce you to the basics of backing up your data. It answers questions like, what is a backup, does everyone need to backup, what are the backup problems to watch out for, and more.

If you're already familiar with backup basics, you want to review our article on backup trends. As technology keeps changing, the backup strategies you devised five years ago may soon be outdated. Or, check out the LightScribe technology page to stay up on HP's new disc labelling technology. And what will all that LightScribe stuff cost? Or maybe you need a UDF Reader.

Got an update, correction, question or random rant? We pine for feedback of most any kind. Just click the Contact Us link to get the right email address.

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