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Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker (LightScribe Compatible)

Acoustica is no newcomer to the label software business, but it was only with Version 3 that they became a LightScribe player. This is an affordable ($21.95 USD), flexible label maker for your LightScribe discs, if you're running NT 4.x, Win95, Win98, WinME, Windows 2000 or XP.

LightScribe ain't the fastest technology on the planet. No software can make the drive burn a label any faster, but Acoustica does the next best thing. You can select separate print resolutions, depending on how much quality you need (and are willing to wait for). So, for example, if you're just burning a data backup disk and the label is just "Monday Incremental Backup", you might want to choose the faster "draft" resolution of 300 DPI. On the other hand, if you're burning a label for a DVD containing a video of the kids that's going to be a Christmas present for Grandma and Grandpa, you might select the "best" resolution of 600DPI to make the prettiest label possible. The "normal" resolution of 400DPI is the middle choice.

Of course, Acoustica didn't take out all the features they already had just to add LightScribe support. This is still full-featured labeling software if you use paper labels, or even for printers that print directly to CD/DVD discs. It will print the jewel case cover that you'll still want for a nice product, even if you're using LightScribe. And of course, it's got all the fancy label printing features you would expect, like curved text, a visual image that makes it easy to avoid printing "on the hole", etc.

Free 7-day Trial

Acoustica offers you a free, fully functional 7-day trial for their LightScribe labelling software. There's no risk on your part -- if you try it for free and like it, you can go ahead and buy it. Just download the software by clicking here. It's about 4MB, which isn't real big as such things go.

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